Just Love Songs

Coming soon to the Family Fodder shop, Just Love Songs is a limited vinyl-only collection of 11 love songs by Family Fodder that have never before been released on vinyl. Watch this space for more news.

Just Love Songs


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Fodder On Tour

To celebrate the re-releases of vintage Family Fodder on the Staubgold label, the band are on tour in Europe. This is the original 1981 line-up featuring Alig Fodder (keyboards, guitar, oud, vox), Grahame Painting (bass, guitar, cello, vox), Bazz Smith (drums, electronic drums, percussion) and new singer Bee Ororo.

Get yourself to one of these shows:

Family Fodder on tour

May 2014

8 May @ Bleu Cafe, Neuchatel, Switzerland
15 / 16 / 17 May @ L’Ubu, Perpignan, France
21 May @ King Georg, Cologne, Germany
22 May @ Club Alpha, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
23 May @ Rakete, Stuttgart, Germany
25 May @ Roter Salon, Berlin, Germany
26 May @ Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg, Germany
27 May @ Kellerperle, Würzburg, Germany

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Brand Old Family Fodders

What? You also want to listen to vintage classics from Family Fodder?
Re-released on vinyl for the first time in over 30 years?
You want psychedelic post-punk experimental indie pop-dub?
Remastered from vinyl for vinyl?
Whatever next?
143_schizophrenia-party-director-s-cut_245 142_monkey-banana-kitchen_2079
Check out the best new German label for historical and brand new recordings!
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Professor Zoom

Did you know that the singing on It’s 1965 and the backing vocals were in fact the work of none other than vocalist extraordinaire Professor Zoom?

Professor Zoom, (ex Jam Professors etc.) lately of Brixton, believed to reside in the Brighton area,
longtime associate of Alig Fodder and possessor of the inscrutable talent of sounding like a storm out at sea can also be heard on these youtube clips displaying his fine vocal range.

Thanks Professor!

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Sorry Iker!

Unfortunately as a result of one of those bizarre unimaginable oversights, we neglected to credit the creator of the artwork for our new record.

So by way of apology we want to make sure you check out his website and all of the magnificent work he produces, please go here RIGHT NOW!!!!

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