Family Fodder was originally formed in 1979 – with a cast of thousands over three decades. They emerged from the melting-pot of 70s/80s London alongside This Heat, Flying Lizards, The Pop Group, Slits and many others.


The original formula consisted of psychedelic and new wave influences, incisive song-writing, improvisation, experiment and far-out dub mixing. They always managed to evade major exposure, but influenced generations of bands on five continents. Various compilations have been re-issued from the 11 vinyl singles and 3 albums of the early period. FF was often more at home in thestudio than on-stage, but completed several European tours as well as cherished performances in their native London. Performances from the new band are eagerly awaited, preferably not paid in peanuts this time. Pistachios. Walnuts.

Classical Music was a labour of love – assembled from performances, with attention to detail, layering the vocal blend of Alig and Darlini’s voices. Apart from the ubiquitous string arrangements, the music features Arabic oud (electric and acoustic) as well as guitar, keyboards and percussion. The lyrics tackle the familiar Fodder topics of emotion, philosophy, relationships and politics as well as the politics of relationships. There is abittersweet leitmotif of nostalgia, loss, and deja-vu underscoring the childlike innocence of these songs. In between all this, Alig keeps busy with remixes for Mirror Mirror and The Chap.

The new album, Variety, is out NOW. You can stream the entire album on YouTube, listen on Spotify, download from iTunes, buy a CD from a local shop or directly from the Fodder on the Shop link. Let us know what you think of it.

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